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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 16, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> >> forget about the i iraqis fleeing in surges over their luck at the u.s. companies overseer. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. add medical device maker to the list of american firms thumbing their nose and a uncle sam and senator says he is shocked that this is happening but as you keep piling on this is the reason it is happening but this is just the latest from liberty global more american
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companies are out of here. a corporate tax rate at 35% individual rate at 40% companies get frugally and crafty. consider medtronic will kill about $45 billion for its rival not because it likes it but they're really likes where it is basted ireland. were the corporate tax rate to 0.5%. you can do the math and understand the deal by medtronic would might want to call ireland its corporate home and pfizer was willing to pay one to $20 billion a u.k.-based astrazeneca. so just like walgreen's under enormous pressure to reincorporate in switzerland with its british drug chain is complete next year. politicians cry foul but it is perfectly legal and understandable.
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patriotism is one thing but the way out of businesses and other but with higher taxes and regulation with a high tax audit is a did wonder more companies are leaving? i find ironic politicians to have the uncanny knack for cell survival would criticize a company with the same instinct that the best of our politicians can do to betcha polyp -- companies to stabile they entice those companies because they figure those firms are worth having. those are my thoughts. tell the #cavuto your thoughts. and to our guests that making a lot of money which we will start with you. put the balance sheets together to seek out to
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greet your posture. >> obamacare medical device tax affected the business terribly with the 2 percent tax business is leaving and that happened to our company we we're doing almost $1 billion per year then move to mexico after the device was instituted our local business was 80 employees that affects our entire community by businesses are leaving. you just said 35 percent income-tax against corporations that is huge microsoft, apple huge american in companies with cash reserves overseas because they don't want to pay the huge freight. we should reducing tax rates to encourage american businesses to bring those cash reserves here and reinvest in america they scare people away because they are not business odors
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-- owners. neil: but these that are calling them the criminals what you make of it? mcfadyen is the kettle calling the pot black. looking at the of medical device tax has caused. talking about the 2.3% pavement but think of all the paperwork corporation has to do to get that done. 44 companies have already done the tax aversion in deal. 43 said they. this makes sense for corporations. think about it in order for medtronic to get the pavement down 18 port - - 18 .4% they hato leave the $20 billion worth of irving's overseas. now they can access those funds.
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neil: that is perfectly legal. neil: but where does this go? not just those that make the deal to take advantage but those already say we are an ireland we might as well make that the home base. i cannot blame them just looking at the math. >> where can rigo? we could leave new york state's that'd is listed 50th with our family we love new york are our employees are fantastic bu we always consider that and what they're doing now we have remington arms and eric district it is already moving jobs to alabama because not only does the york say fact butted unfriendly place to do business despite of what you hear about our governor have
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a great ticket is -- how great it is. neil: what stops the exodus? it is just about being hassled and those formerly socialist countries say if we just undercut on taxes and regulations they will come here. i just find that ought to. >> you have to make an environment were conducive for business. couple weeks ago the president invited a bunch of foreign business leaders into the white house about whatould be necessary then come up with the reduction of corporate income tax. that $20 billion of short-haul tax that 10 percent they could have $18 billion to invest.
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with that regulation and uncertainty that obama and his administration represents. he could change his mind tomorrow to forgo this but you have to have certainty in business. neil: shouldn't there be a proviso attached? but with the understanding you would hire why can't they just get the money and take a back without penalty? chemical why is it a quid pro quo why not just the objective way? the government doesn't have to put its hand into it. neil: but there was that we will bring the of money back if you agree to whatever. >> how do have the artificial number?
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then you go to the bottom line as a physicist compete of publicly traded corporations compete on the international scale. so do you save your is restrictions and regulations neil: the senator said the last tax holiday with money overseas they did not do what we wanted i thought they are not there to do your bidding. but in other words, of a shock when companies may repatriate those back into the united states what you think the effect would be if it all came back here? >> very positive. it is the essence of the of free-market system. what is amazing is the nonsense costing them
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$18.5 billion per year so they cut their nose off to spite their face we should go back to free-market principles. of claudia will run that business property to make sure the employees and customers are taken care of. the government needs to get out as a way the fed used to stop printing money reid of how to run businesses in america. neil: do you ever wonder if there is much interest in the parts of the whitehouse? the president was a chance of war from the beginnings of what makes you think he will keep it going right now? that is what worried the last president chief of staff. andy card is here and read about the trend. after this. i spent my entire childhood
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not in a matter of weeks it is possible that the entire government of iraq goes crashing down ghost town to the insurgents for the better part of a decade. but it's this whole attacked but to get a handle on terrorism but to have the incident since then 11 are you worried we are dropping that? >>. >> with the ascension of the iranians. this is bad stuff. the leader of this group that looks to have the caliphate's of the islamist radicals from iraq through
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iran are bad people. neil: so who finds these guys these groups that seem to have money under this umbrella but there must be bad if iran fears them now talking about to deal with them but leaving that aside to was the money behind these guys? >> individuals that like to support these things that are radicals by a choice and sunni by nature. the also steal money they also robbed a bank of $460 million. neil: that is true they literally did rob a bank but
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from more obvious sources like russia or those who are upping the response who would be helping? >> i can tell you this group tea 30 is the option of al qaeda affiliated with them and still are but they did worse things they are more extreme. looking to take advantage of the sectarian strife and maliki did a terrible job. neil: i have heard over the years the guy was a loser but we knew him. so we hooked up of what could read to? >> but thomas jefferson and george washington on a coalition builder.
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with the government that is inclusive with the kurds and the shia and the sunni but he played judiciary committee -- the shi'ah committee why they like maliki and they are upset what is happening with isis that is the sydney -- the sunni group and like al qaeda. >> that is the argument for not getting involved. people will say that is so convoluted now that for us to get involved at this stage with air strikes is too little too late to? >> first of all, this happened because the west dropped the ball would redid have a status of forces
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agreement when we pull the troops out that allowed the insurgents to not worry about anything to risk new conscience on the ground or the eyes or ears to mitigate b. boyd have bn a force of stability so that was a terrible thing. neil: so they alcmaeon to the insurgents 10 / one. what is the deal? >> not just iraq but syria when obama put down the red line to cross that but nothing happened that was a signal keep doing what you are doing we would not pay attention. this is the bad situation likely to get worse i am worried about the national security of the united states it is about security on our own soil this group would like to attack us the way it on 9/11 and we have lost the opportunity to
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rabbis and years on the ground in lost the ability to do do maliki the backbone to stand up. the split is terrible the turks and the iranians and the west the whole world should be worried but we aren't doing anything about it i hope the obama seeks the council of wise men who you know, the players like the former ambassador to afghanistan he knows the region very well and makes the difference. neil: good to have you. the but say the insurgents take baghdad. they are 60 miles out, then what? what if i told you $200 oil or six or $7 and gas?
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neil: and i want to carry this to the extreme my rack falls baghdad falls to insurgents in the civil war combination but we don't know who takes over we just know they don't like us then what happens to oil with the oil markets in general? because so world nervously
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asks what now? we would like to know your thoughts #cavuto if you do not do that i cannot tell you what is on your mind. #cavuto it gets to us if you said #o'reilly it goes to bill. do want that? [laughter] michele, into this uncertainty they are concerned or nervous but normally such developments are short-lived. but what if baghdad those? that is a whole new game. >> but it is horrible timing because families are going on road trips and summer vacations but what we ought to be doing is with the keystone pipeline.
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>> is that psychological? >> with long term we have to think long term looking at vladimir putin moving into crimea and ukraine we need to reduce other countries' dependence like russia even with those gas exports if we reduce putin the way reduce the wealth or influence. >> there has never ben a better time. fast to happen they use less gas and producing more than we should. but to skyrocket. neil: we produce 8 million barrels views 18. but i ran produces more oriel but not now because of
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sanctions on the european union. >> but it's that just goes into three parts then all markets will stay to fill the production and ford. >> by collapsing rate mean baghdad falls. that could they did not necessarily bayou will see a long-term impact on oil. neil: i think it will. >> then you will see short-term it is stable. but let's be careful to avoid the nonsense. with that keystone pipeline it is environmentally safe and to put it on trains a does more harm if there is
11:26 pm
an accident but to suggest this is an excuse is a false argument because if we do build the pipeline, at best through their own economists it will affect the price of whale -- oriole. neil: but it is psychological and that's a fact in a world market would make a difference but would it be offset by the armageddon of the middle east? >> yes. it would be terrible that is why it is important to for the keystone pipeline to be approved. >> yes. i am all for opening its myself but with the global volatile situation the that
11:27 pm
is open or 50 other pipelines? is what it is with us scared world right now and the better part of valor is to bid up prices because you think they will go higher. >> we need to do something we need to do something here why are reid drilling on federal land? why is it taking forever for these permits to get approved? >> did you say you are all in and then prove it. >> i am for solar and wind but have at it. goal full throttle. >> even with cold but they could bring a lot of debt back. neil: do that now.
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>> coal can only but the electricity it can make a lot of electricity. >> that will make the market in the future because the iran market makes it goes crazy it just may take up a few years. neil: when we come back seven you can remember when i said hillary clinton will not be the democratic nominee and i simply said she would not be then along comes the conjecture about algal or. after this. my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem.
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neil: not that you would be interested but i finished hillary clinton's book that is what happens when you have company for father's day she will not be the democratic nominee in 2016 at one to get to the woman who knows about this because the wells as i am crazy. hearing is my crackpot theory she looks good away but barack obama tech advantage of that and it doesn't take him to use the side but al gore could emerge. >> al gore could emerge but remember every petty politics love this the blame game and the secretary of state does not control u.s. foreign policy but to implement the president's policy which clinton could
11:33 pm
totally stand behind tuesday she was following obama is ideas. neil: he tried that and it did not work but you could make the argument with the second or third? but it will not go far. but that is why you hear elizabeth warren and o'malley because they figure what do we have to use? >> al gore really feels that it was stolen from him so he has a chip on his shoulder from years ago. neil: a great opportunity to put it away. >> key also has been cozying up to a billionaire who puts his money to where his mouth
11:34 pm
is n calls a debt tipping point. >>. >> but to agree of word disagree back with global warming he is on to the internet but he certainly provided legislation so he could make incredible argument and instead name recognition. >> but remember current tv he would not even let clan back of texas did dawn in it >> period or choose march. we are airburst but people remember the former vice president al gore that wind up popular vote, i'm telling you that he has said.
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we shall see but you are the best. thank you. when we come back is the buyback that'll old '70s show again like vietnam? what if that happens all over again? the fallout from history repeating itself? my name is michael, i'm 55 years old and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor, and he prescribed lyrica. it helped me. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain.
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neil: i hope i am wrong pannonia matter of weeks so when i see government troops
11:39 pm
outgun the insurgents by a factor of 10 / one is just of matter of time. game over in it is another vietnam. set was said to grade at the time but even though h he was not responsible it was the culmination of years of misguided policy democrat and republican presidents. is this his vietnam's now? >> it is very similar. think of the fall of saigon the north vietnamese marched from city to city and from town to newtown. >> what do you know, ? you were not even born yet. >> we knew the vietcong were on the border but then they
11:40 pm
were boarding helicopters it was fast. >> get was but you heard this same thing the rumors of the headings we're going on. ford had a challenge to make a looks like he supported the south government while at the same time had my get the americans out of there? they did it with helicopters neil: they said not a thing i can do. but he was the finale -- technology in the audience. and this president who cannot run for an election and again, where do you see the comparison today? >> i don't know if president ford was off playing golf.
11:41 pm
neil: actually he played golf of lot. [laughter] but he was a good golfer. >> teeeight was a good athletes but it is very eerily similar. in vietnam in 1975 with 58,000 and deaths associated in vietnam. but that is the sentiment that barack obama ran on to get out of by iraq and afghanistan. neil: but we have more fatigue. they certainly don't look like the of governing ty. this is the concern at this point. neil: always great to have you with the a good read on
11:42 pm
things. even with the romney with the limited campaign. starbucks is doing something that makes me think my daughter should have gotten the job there. but that is just me. after this.
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neil: and forget about raising minimum wage what about we paid for your college? starbucks the lifting of those who work 20 hours of our more is six to $500 per year talk about incentives. what do you think?
11:46 pm
>> it is nice but in this economy there is so many kids already getting their diploma going straight to use starbucks if anything we're over investing in college. neil: it is of my budget is still university but i still think we are over investing but it is good p.r. and good for employees but we are over investing now we will see union's demand college tuition as well. >> anyone who criticizes the thing so far you have said. this is free market and private business that happens to be as smart move because of viscount on starbucks to pay for my college education i will work my but off everyday to make sure i don't lose that job.
11:47 pm
that is called competition. >> i did not criticize but if i am a shareholder in my company generously does this i have to hope it is good for them and business and i don't pay through the nose. >> one of the problem with the online schools they haven't got much cheaper in and to with arizona state they get about expensive degrees that are not by a ball is in the workforce so the ceo is taking the better schools. neil: but that stake and i is off the online degrees.
11:48 pm
>> it should be cheaper. >> but 6500? it should be $5,000. that is of could direction of somebody else's floodings of bill then it doesn't go in the right direction but i will not argue against the benefit. some will be hurt then non college seeking person. >> what they do it in california in order to get more fuel efficient the tit-for-tat will help you to help you get money for of a new car not to many take advantage so to me that meddlesome government that
11:49 pm
did not get the job. >> once again cause of the railing about the federal government is say laboratory no. >> other of doing a a miniature version? >> what is wrong with trying something? >> if that was "cash for clunkers" that is what is wrong. >> although it did work. >> know which did not. neil: so why? but it is only southern california. >> there is all a 21 jokers. >> and toting a car from
11:50 pm
michigan there are no clunkers on the road. >> did they shoot you? >> everything on that car will begin where you will not pass that test they only give you those $59 that is not enough. that is why a bombed. >> the majority of the cars that were turned and ran not even registered. they probably just had them in their garage to get rid of them the whole point was to get them off the road but there is no proof there ever on the road but a government program that sounds nice but does not work is. >> there was the time.
11:51 pm
>> but i would read that air but is that a result as "cash for clunkers"? [laughter] >> i doubt it. >> those are what we are talking about. >> would become back wooded zedillo with aircraft becoming another vietnam in the first place? you said this is nonsense. after this. show me the carfax® hi! need help finding a dependable used car? yeah, i'm worried about things like flood damage.
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no mission fighting board members how you manage to link these events >>
11:56 pm
>> but any strategy t ill-defined that the samee f goes for those who'd get the scoop out of explaining how things sell. can you give john mccain a moment to get in bet to word he is the expert. not shut up for a break every effort g to water down thew efforts of on dash answers of your guess we shouldn't teach you. >> does fox know that you are a liberal loser? does miami florida no you are loose? cav >> you are a right wing hackh >> you are i have. does he does let the occasion go on and on. did you fall asleep? and macadam know why you have mccain on so much she is an angry old o man you quickly become of also
11:57 pm
yourself and forget about bonuses at the veterans administration hand them out to the right to workers to enter right thing make it good behavior contagious. >> it improves the more efficient service to those who deserve it. our veterans eric i have no problem to incentivize good behavior but where to find y it? >> they are not that bad recognize the good ones he will push the bad ones out. >> i have always appreciated o your show and common senser but bonus or incentives k should be keeping their job it is better than most of us. >> just delighted to see a of pitiless was not there the us so much more effective without charge
11:58 pm
against rebel people to finish their thoughts. >> it was like a date with sunshine. to shea on the show without head is idiocy. >> you guys are stooges without charlie gasparino there to spice things up for real like an undertaker who is trying to close the deal. what did you do?what >> so what is the deal neil? o >> i go after my detractors. w >> with your bread andut butterte can do not stand constructive criticism?ki >> you that dense you haves, y to call people names?di you are an idiot. >> the you really saying he would rather have no viewers they and nasty viewers? >> i am. >> can i let you in on a
11:59 pm
secret? l the customer is always right >> can i let you in on the secret? now when they are nasty customers. >> do do of great job. i love your spoke they can take on almost anything speerbar backhoe filed monday but that green tie you war on friday has to go but. anything else. please. >> you nauseate me with the fate care or the dismiss the affair the monotone delivery it makes me want to pearl spinnaker you sure you're not watching all right the?ls -- bill reilly? >> use #cavuto apparently that makes all the i difference in the world.
12:00 am
then we are off to the races t unless you've written me a new one that i come to your knowledge to remove fox business from list of programming traces. see you tomorrow. kennedy: iraq is in shambles the question is what do we do about it now? some say it is useless like john bolton. did not play the blame game we have to forge ahead to figure out our nationalel interest. what the hell is this week? we must figure out how loved country that has strained so much blood and energy howlo it is a messy monster? how the hellhounds do we get in bet with iran they have bedbugs now they will annexo of a count


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